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Bezel Bezel Plain 28 ga 3/16 in
Bezel Scalloped 28 ga 3/16 in
Bezel Serrated 28 ga 3/16 in
Chemical Flux Powder makes 32 oz
Rough polish White Diamond
Zap or Zam fine polish 1/4 lbs
Fine Silver Fine silver plate 20 gauge in 1x6 in sheets
Fine silver plate 26 gauge in 2x6 in sheets
Fine Silver Wire Round 16ga
Fine Silver Wire Round 18ga
Fine Silver Wire Round 20ga
Fine Silver Wire Round 22ga
Metals Leaf and Flower Embellismant Set
Solder Hard Silver Solder 30ga sheet 2x5 inch
Sterling-Silver Sterling Silver 12 gauge half round dead soft wire
Sterling Silver 18 gauge round dead soft wire
Sterling Silver10 gauge half round dead soft wire
Tools 9 Face Texturing Hammer
Bench Block
Butane Torch - (MAX FLAME)
Chain nose pliers
Charcoal block
Chasing hammer
Copper tongs
Crosslock tweezers
Crucibles with Tongs
Dowels - Wire Wrapping
Fine buff wheels yellow 10 pak
Flush cutters pliers
High Temperature Blow Torch 3400 degrees F
Memory Wire Cutters
Nylon hammer
Oval Bracelet Mandrel
Polishing wheels rough blue 10 pack
Ring Bending Pliers
Ring Mandrel
Round nose pliers
Small file kit
SolderNBoard 12x12
SolderNBoard 12x6
SolderNBoard 4x4
SolderNBoard 6x6
SolderNBoard 8x8
SolderNBoard Lazy Sue 8x8
Spider Hold down
Stainless steel shot
Stamp "999" 1mm
Stamp 925 1mm
Tool Kit -Intermediate Rings and Bracelets
Tool Set, Beginning Silversmithing
Viking Knit Drawplate
Wide Finger Gauge Set
Video Beginning Silversmithing Video Series
Intermediate Rings and Bracelets

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High Temperature Blow Torch 3400 degrees F

Silver Melting Torch

Price: $39.95



This is a self starting torch that fits a standard propane canister. It has a maximum flame temperature of 3400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not often used for soldering because the flame spread is to large. It is very good for preheating larger pieces and melitng solder for pouring in pours of less than 2 ounces. It is a great interem alternative to buying a to buying a $600 oxey/acetly rig untill you are comfortable that you want to be doing Silversmithing for a long time. I use this torch in the Straw Casting Video on

We currently ship all orders, except chemicals, using the United States Postal Service Priority Mail which usually takes 2 to 3 days.
Tags:Torch, silver torch, soldering torch, self starting torch,,Hight Temp Torch,Hight Temperature Silver Melting Torch. Great for Straw Casting , Bean Casting , Salt Casting, lost waxcasting and Cuttlefish Casting. 3400 degrees Fahrenheit maximmun temperature. Great for preheating and self starting.

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